child laughingDuring this stage, children become picky, adventurous, and hyperactive, which is why keen attention is always needed. They start to venture out and explore the world around them and make observations as they refine their developmental skills. At our facility, toddlers will be given unstructured playtime each morning to allow them to join the group at their own pace before proceeding onto the day.

With the aid of our professional workers who are adept at using the language, encouraging the children, and creating a learning environment that hastens social learning, your child will be introduced to various developmental skills.

Taking care of very young children involves more than just meeting their physical needs. Today, our caregivers see themselves as responsive professionals who are concerned about all aspects of children’s development. By using the clearly defined practices of the Creative Curriculum, caregivers develop close, supportive relationships with the children in their care.

Track your child’s progress through our daily reports, which provide individualized notes about how your child’s day went.

At Kids’ Avenue Christian Learning Center, we welcome that energy and excitement because we know it’s a natural part of growth and learning. Our caregivers channel that energy into positive learning experiences, giving them plenty of room to move and explore.

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mother playing with her child